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History and Experience

Public Risk Underwriters of Texas has been an industry leader in the management of professional liability products for public entities and non-profit educational institutions since 1994. Our experience and in-depth understanding of this class of business has earned the respect of our carrier partners, and our customers. Our experience has helped us offer customized solutions to meet the needs of even the most unique situations. Over the years, our forms have evolved to help provide some of the broadest coverage available for both state tort and federal civil actions.

We operate through our network of specialized wholesale and retail producers seeking Public Entity Professional Liability for their customers.

Our Services and Carrier Partner

We are a Managing General Agency (MGA) underwriting professional liability for governmental entities on behalf of Lexington Insurance Company, a division of American International Group, an A XV A.M. Best-rated carrier.

We specialize in Law Enforcement and Public Officials Liability for municipal, county, and specially chartered public entities, as well as Educators Legal Liability for public and private non-profit educational institutions.