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Thank you for your interest in Public Risk Underwriters of Texas. In order to be considered for an appointment with us, we will need the documents listed below completed and sent to us:

  • A copy of our PRU Producer Agreement – please complete and a final executed copy will be sent for your records, please see link below
  • Copy of your agency’s E&O Certificate of Insurance
  • Copy of all licensed producers whom you have authorized to do business with PRU of Texas
  • Copy of the agency insurance license for each state in which your agency is licensed, if applicable
  • Completed W-9 form

These documents must be returned to our office before any business can be bound or invoiced. We do not require a producer agreement in advance of offering quotations. It will take approximately 3 days for all completed documents to be processed and reviewed by our office. If approved, an executed copy of the Agreement will be sent back to you for your permanent records.

Please mail or email all information to the attention of Elaine Perez to the address below:

Public Risk Underwriters of Texas, Inc.
101 W. Renner Rd. Suite #300
Richardson, TX 75082
[email protected]

For more information, please feel free to contact Elaine at (469)-449-1525 or email [email protected]. We look forward to working with you!


Please send all submissions to [email protected].

We will need the following items:

  • Fully completed application (refer to applications tab)
  • Currently valued 5-year carrier loss runs

Please note that we need ground up loss runs showing the entire amount of the losses before application of any retention or reinsurance.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.